Tanzania Peaberry-Mbeya (12 oz bag)

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The Tanazanian Peaberry is world renowned for its intense flavors, smooth finish, and fruit highlights. The Iyenga, Mwalyego and Kimuli Co-ops, are award-winning cooperatives from Tanzania’s Mbeya and Mbinga region which contributed coffee to this lot that Model Citizen Coffee purchased. 

Grown at an elevation of almost 6,000 feet, this Peaberry lot is a special treat to the adventures coffee connoisseur We hope that you will enjoy your Peaberry experience, as much as we enjoyed roasting it.  

Producer: Iyenga, Mwalyego, and Itumpi Co-op
Varietals: Bourbon, Kent
Process: Washed
Notes: Dark Chocolate, Plum, Brown Spices, and Black Tea