Johnathan (Ruckersville, VA)

I did order a couple of your coffees and and the pleasure of enjoying them this weekend.  Matt's Jam was perfect for our café con leche (using the Italian espresso pot) and also the Grub Gott is has great flavor!  Well done! 

Peter (McAllister, MT)

Got the coffee ...love it and the prompt service - and the thank you note! Great work!

Mark (Mesa, AZ)

Thanks for the quick turnaround on shipping this fantastic coffee.  I can say with certainty that I am big coffee snob and as I drink this while getting ready to go to church this morning and realized this is really, really good.

Kathleen (Springfield, VA)

"Awesome coffee, Awesome mission, Awesome business doing great things."

Keith (Oshkosh, WI):

"Good Morning, Enrique, my friend in Ann Arbor just had a cup of your single-origin Guatemalan beans and told me that it was probably the smoothest cup of coffee he ever made. Kudos to you and your team!'

Rob (Tampa, FL)

"The coffee is amazing Enrique! Glad to see you in our old neck of the woods."

Jim (Denver, CO)

"We (10 or so coffee addicts at work) have tried various grinds and successfully used a German pour through filters, Cafetera, French Press and good old K-Cups. Everyone loves the taste of your blend."

Shane (Dallas, TX)

"My son and his significant other loved the coffee you sent me and they are true coffee fans !"

Daniel (San Francisco, CA)

"Thank you so much for the coffee! I have been off caffeine for a while so I have not tried it yet, but I brought it to my parents and my mom said it was probably the best coffee she's ever had!"

Dane (Incirlik, Turkey)

"Simply the best coffee I’ve had. With every cup you can taste the care and passion that goes into every roast. Best part of my morning."

Deane (Colorado Springs, CO)

"That was some good coffee! I took it to my parents house the weekend and we finished one entire bag!"

Linda (Colorado Springs, CO) 

"Your coffee is wonderful! A friend dropped some off at our house today!"

Andrew (Fayetteville, NC)

"Please pass on my hello to Enrique. He and I served at AFRICOM together. My wife and I really enjoyed the coffees, especially the Josh/Josh blend.

Matt (Yorktown, VA)

"Grüß Gott please! I loved all the coffee I've tried, every signature blend and single origin. I've gotta say that Grüß Gott & Mena Beana are at the top of my list. Keep up the good work and thanks for letting me participate in your mission. -- Grüß Gott!! --

Emily (Reston, VA)

"The coffee is fantastic!"

Jen (Florissant, CO)

"We do enjoy the coffee!!