Established In 2020

A veteran owned, family run business, Model Citizen Coffee Company is grounded in faith, seeking Godly wisdom in all we do. We find inspiration in the experiences of life and those remarkable people around us. 

With a newly retired Army COL, turned coffee roaster, at the helm; it’s never a dull moment in the Camacho household. From the family’s start on the island of Oahu, in Hawaii with real Kona coffee and chocolate covered coffee beans on black sand beaches, to their move to Europe with dark rich espressos paired with flaky butter croissants in the cafés of Paris, Venice, Copenhagen, and Bavaria. And then life in Japan with the unusual hot canned coffee coupled with steamed sticky rice, chopsticks, and sushi; one might get the picture that the Camacho’s are not ordinary, but perhaps extra-ordinary.

Just how “extra” is their ordinary? The Camachos have seen, tasted, and crossed cultures, climates, and countries too numerous to count.  They have long embraced a motto: “A man with an experience is seldom at the mercy of a man with an argument;” which explains their passion for adventure.

Their desire to explore has been impressive, as the Camachos have covered a lot ground from Brazil, Cambodia, Uganda, England, Australia, and Iceland along with many places  in-between. The family has come to learn that people are vastly different, and yet wonderfully the same.  People’s traditions may differ – but the “coffee table” brings them all together (along with some sort of cake).

The coffee table tradition, is unlike any adventure. It’s where fellowship begins.  It’s where people talk and get to know one another.  The coffee table is where relationships are formed, ideas grow, weddings and celebrations are planned, babies are held, tests are studied for, and life is mapped out. 

Welcome to the Camacho’s next adventure – where at Model Citizen Coffee we hope to create environments that will inspire people to do good. 


Provide freshly roasted coffee to our communities, demonstrate that coffee is an experience – not just a wake-up call, and inspire people to do good. 


Model Citizen Coffee Company makes you smile when you encounter our coffee and people.


Thankful for everyday blessings.
Provide quality and value.
Humility in our service.
Compassion to others.