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D'Otterly-Dark is a tribute to those who experienced the struggles of the "Darby Queen" during the US Army Ranger School, and the joy of volunteering Coaching youth sports. The Brooke and Camacho family spent many weekends together coaching and cheering their youngsters to glory - they happen to coach a team named the Otters, and the Brooke's have a daughter named Darby - pretty cool, huh? 

Matt Brooke enjoyed a very successful 20+ year career serving in the famed 82nd Airborne Division, with eleven combat deployments. Today he leads the town of Clinton, IA as their city manager. His passion, leadership, and determination encourages those around him and makes his community better wherever he serves. We’re honored to partner with the Brooke family and present "D'Otterly Dark" roast as one of our year long coffees in honor of those who defend our families, the nation, and our communities.