Peru - Cajamarca (12 oz bag)

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Peru is not a newcomer to growing coffee. In fact, they have been growing coffee since the mid-1700's. This  particular Peruvian bean is not the typical "blender bean" Peru is know for; this bean has been carefully cultivated as a stand-alone coffee. The cooperative AGRARIA FRONTERA SAN IGNACIO adopted the logo of the Spectacled Bear to demonstrate their resiliency. The bear is an endangere animal that lives in the forest, around which many of the growers have their organic farms. Produced by 25% female farmers, the cooperative produces some of the finest coffees in the area. So sit back and enjoy our Peruvian selection ... we do, almost every morning. 

Producers: 400 smallholder farmers
Varietals: Bourbon, Typica, Mondo Novo
Process: Washed
Elevation: 5,400 - 5,900 Feet
Notes: Honey sweet, dried fruit, with cocoa flavors