Papa New Guinea - (12 oz bag)

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Papa New Guinea (PnG) is a relative newcomer in the specialty coffee world. Interesting fact, in 1926, 18 PnG estates were established using Jamaica's Blue Mountain seeds. However, since the 1980's PnG's coffee industry has shifted its focus from large estates to smallholder farmers.

We've found this wonderful coffee from the Western Highlands. All coffees from Simbai are transported via plane, hence the name Simbai Balus Kopi (Simbai Airplane Coffee). The 4000 small coffee farmers in Simbai make the difficult journey from their farms to one of four airstrips in the region, where it is flown to Mt Hagen in order to gain access to the global supply chain. We're excited about this new offering which produces a balanced cup with a creamy body, round chocolate and fruit sweetness. It's the perfect morning cup.

Producers: 4000 Small Family Farmers
Varietals: Typica
Process: Washed
Notes: Full body, chocolate, walnut, and dried fruit sweetness