Kenya - Nyeri (12oz Bag)

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The region of Nyeri is home to Mount Kenya, an extinct volcano. The red soils and mountainous region produce some of Kenya's best coffee. This particular coffee is grown around 6,000 ft by the Ruarai Factory, located in Gakindu, Nyeri County. Named for the rock-filled Ruarai River, the Ruarai Factory is part of a farmer cooperative which has around 600 smallholder farmers. 

The region's coffees are renowned for their bright, complex berry flavors with intense acidity and sweetness. Acclaimed by Model Citizen chief roaster, we are excited to offer this Kenyan!

Producer: Ruarai Factory
Varietals: SL34, SL26, Ruiru 11
Process: Washed
Notes: Pineapple, Black Tea, Lime