Indonesia, Sumatra Aceh (12 oz bag)

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Grown near Lake Tawar this organic coffee is grown by family owned farms of 1-2 hectares. It's a classic wet-hulled Sumatran coffee. Gayo coffees are usually semi-washed, which means that the parchment is hulled while still having a very high moisture content, and sun-dried on patios, which gives Aceh coffees their unique, earthy yet pleasant flavor. We love our Sumatran's in the morning, it's the perfect get up and go cup.

Producer:  Various Smallholders
Varietals:  Ateng Super, Tim-Tim, Ab-
yssinia 3/7, BorBor, Ateng Pucuk Merah,
Process: Wet-Hulled
Notes:  Dark Chocolate, Walnut, Granola, & Raisin