01 - Guatemalan - San Gaspar Chajul (12oz bag)

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Local, small batch roasted, veteran owned, Model Citizen Coffee Company's high mountain Guatemalan is exceptionally well suited to grow full-mouth-sweet coffees. Guatemalan coffees are high altitude and strictly hard bean (SHB) coffees which gives Guatemalan coffees a sharp acidic or bright taste and that isn't a bad thing - it keeps coffee from being anything but boring.  Without this acidity coffee is flat. High acidity means the Guatemalan coffees not only make great black coffee, but also great “milk” coffees. The flavors and aromas of the Guatemalan are rich and vibrant.

Our Guatemalan coffee selection comes from the Asociación Chajulense which has weathered some difficult situations in the past - social and economic hardship, civil war, and crop failures. The Association was the first fair trade, organic coffee group to form in Guatemala and continues this tradition of excellence today. 

Producers: Small shareholder farmers 
Varieties: Catimor, Bourbon
Process: Washed
Elevation: 3,900-6,200 Feet
Notes of Dark Chocolate, Red Fruit, Lemon, Vanilla