01 - Indonesia, Sulawesi, Toraja (12 oz bag)

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Local, small batch roasted, veteran owned, Model Citizen Coffee Company's Indonesian Sulawesi Toraja, This Sulawesi can be described as broody with muted fruit flavors, and a rustic sweetness with pungent spices. The coffee is known to be low in acidity and rather smooth. It is a love/hate coffee - either you love it, or you hate it. It's a classic wet-hulled Indonesian coffee. We roast this one medium to bring about the earthy flavor.

Fun fact: Indonesia, at one point, was the largest coffee producer in the world. The coffee was exported from the island of Java - and that is how the coffee name “java” was born.

Producer:  Various Smallholders
Varietals:  Catimor, S-795
Process: Wet-Hulled
Notes:  Pipe tobacco, Elderberry, Dried Plum, Earthy