Indonesia, Sulawesi (12 oz bag)

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Our Grade 1 Sulawesi coffee comes from small farm holders, where double picked cherries remove any physical defects, ensuring that only ripe red cherries are used to produce the finest quality bean. 

The legendary Indonesian coffees hold distinctive earthy flavors. Because of Indonesia's climate, Indonesians process their coffee using the "Giling Basah," or the wet-hulled method. The authentic process gives the coffee its classic Indonesian flavors to produce a balanced and low acidic cup. If you're curious about the wonderful world of international coffee, give this Sulawesi a try and find out if you're a fan - we are!

 Producers: Small Holder Farmers

Varietal: Catimor, S-795

Process: Wet-Hull

Notes: Dark Chocolate, Walnut, Granola, and Raisin