The Super Nickle Back (5 lbs bag)

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When you wanna be a hero, you get the Nickel Back!  You are not the office overachiever who is looking for promotion and brings in the K-cups for co-worker, but rather you are the hero that surprises the staff with enough specialty blends to get the accolades.  And you are not the parents of the boastful baller that brings the "burn-bucks" to the game, but rather you are the hero’s parents that brings the game to other parents in a 5-pound specialty bag along with cups to share.  And lastly you are not “That relative” that brings mothball coffee to the reunion – but rather you are the fun hero one that brings enough Model Citizen coffee to go around.  Be the hero, we got your nickel back! 


Only valid for Signature Blends. Please comment which blend you prefer - Josh/Josh; Grüß Gott; Meena Beana