Papa New Guinea - (12 oz bag)

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Papa New Guinea (PnG) is a relative newcomer in the specialty coffee world. Interesting fact, in 1926, 18 PnG estates were established using Jamaica's Blue Mountain seeds. However, since the 1980's PnG's coffee industry has shifted its focus from large estates to smallholder farmers. In addition to JBM variety, many farms have their Typica lineage traced back to when coffee was first taken from Ethiopia to Yemen.

Papua New Guinean coffee, often referred to as PnG coffee, is known for its unique characteristics and flavor profile. We're excited about this new offering which produces a balanced cup with a creamy body, round chocolate and fruit sweetness. It's the perfect morning cup.

Producers: 4000 Small Family Farmers
Varietals: Typica, Bourbon
Process: Washed
Notes: Dark Chocolate, Brown Sugar, Green Tea,, Stone Fruit