01 - Costa Rica Special - Tarrazu (12 oz bag)

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Local, small batch roasted, veteran owned, Model Citizen Coffee Company presents the Costa Rican Tarrazu.  The Tarrazu  region is one of the best coffee growing regions in Costa Rica. Its many sub-regions help to offer a diversity of characteristics and complex coffee flavors. This incredible coffee comes from Cordillera de Fuego, don Luis Campos, who's owned the farm since 1984.

This new coffee is an experimental natural coffee process invented by Luis Eduardo Campo. The "Termico" process produces complex flavors as well as a round and balanced cup. The process leaves the cherries on the vine until they are nearly purple and sugary sweet, at which point they are plucked and fermented overnight.  The fermentation and delayed picking creates a sweet wine flavored coffee.  We consider this coffee's answer to wine.  It is a medium roast and quite different.  Many who enjoy and drink Ethiopian regularly enjoy the sexiness of this coffee.  

Producer: Luis Eduardo Campos-Cordillera de Fuego
Varietals: Caturra, Catuai
Process: Termico Natural
Notes: Cinnamon, Raspberry, Hibiscus, Tart