Indonesia, West Java (12 oz bag)

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Local, small batch roasted, veteran owned, Model Citizen Coffee Company's Indonesian West Java comes from Blue Sunda Estate, where the terrain is so steep that the coffee is transported by scooter instead of a four wheel drive vehicle.  This semi-washed coffee has a creamy mouth feel and a key component to one of the oldest coffee blends in the world - the Mocha Java Blend; Mocha from Yemen and Java Arabica. We find the West Java a fantastic coffee on its own. It's a classic wet-hulled Indonesian coffee, which are semi-washed and sun-dried on patios, giving it a unique, earthy yet pleasant flavor. We roast this one medium to bring about the earthy flavor.

Fun fact: Indonesia, at one point, was the largest coffee producer in the world. The coffee was exported from the island of Java - and that is how the coffee name “java” was born.

Producer:  Various Smallholders
Varietals:  Catimor, S-795
Process: Wet-Hulled
Notes:  Creamy, hints of flower and spices, subtle earthy notes

Model Citizen Coffee is sold as whole bean. Need your coffee ground? Just let us know how you brew your coffee in the special instructions section of your order and we will grind it for you at no extra charge.