World Coffee Tour (3 x 12 oz bags)

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Local, small batch roasted, veteran owned, Model Citizen Coffee Company invites you to take a trip around the world to experience coffee from different continents. Three major factors contribute to the unique flavors we experience in a professionally roasted coffee. First, is the bean variety (Bourbon, Cati, Geisha for example),  secondly, is the Terrior (geography, climate, soil, elevation) and finally the care of the coffee (processing, handling, roasting). Try our expertly medium roasted coffees from three different continents and experience the uniqueness of plant, earth, and care of this beautiful global commodity.

The world coffee tour will always include a coffee from Asia, South or Central America, and Africa. They may not necessarily be those coffees shown on the picture. 


Model Citizen Coffee is sold as whole bean. Need your coffee ground? Just let us know how you brew your coffee in the special instructions section of your order and we will grind it for you at no extra charge.