Grind size matters

Grind size matters

What is the right grind size for my brew method?  Here are a few of the popular brew methods and their grind sizes.
  1. French Press: "Coarse grind – think sea salt, but don't get salty if your coffee is a bit muddy."

  2. Pour-Over: "Medium-coarse grind – like beach sand, but without the sunburn or the need to shake it out of your shoes."

  3. Drip Coffee Maker: "Medium grind – the Goldilocks of grinds, not too fine, not too coarse, just right for that morning pick-me-up."

  4. AeroPress: "Medium-fine grind – like table salt, but don't sprinkle it on your fries unless you're into that sort of thing."

  5. Espresso: "Fine grind – like powdered sugar, but it'll give you a buzz instead of a sugar rush."

  6. Turkish Coffee: "Extra-fine grind – like flour, but please don't try baking with it unless you're making a coffee cake!"

Remember, the perfect grind size is key to a great cup of coffee, so don't be afraid to experiment and find what brews best for you!