Model Citizen Coffee Grinder

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Coming Soon! This ARCO 2-in-1 grinder combines the luxury of electrical and the freedom of a hand grinder. Model Citizen Coffee help fund the development of this innovative product, and can't wait for it's official release, which is expected in May 2021.

We're excited to be one of the very first roasters in America to offer this innovative product: "A hand grinder. An electric grinder. United in a seamless grind experience. Crank it up with your hands. Or connect it to its power dock. A touch of genius!"  

Be one of the very first American's to own this wonderful piece of coffee gear. We have a very limited supply inbound only 5 x Hand Grinders; and 6 x ARCO 2-in1 Electric and Hand Grinder.

We can't wait to pack out some our Grüß Gott blend and test this baby out on our next fourteener. If your not familiar with the term fourteener - ask a Coloradan.