Model Citizen Essentials (3 x 4 oz bags)

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Looking for a gift or new to Model Citizen Coffee and specialty coffee? Our starter pack great way to taste 3 of our signature blends.

Explore our meticulously crafted blends. Their flavors transcend the ordinary, with smooth finishes and lively flavors. A culinary adventure in each sip, whether you enjoy the predictable or venture off-road, you’ll find the journey of each blend delicious.

These blends cover the spectrum of Light, Med, and Dark roast profiles. The Josh/Josh is a mellow cup with mild cocoa backbone, savory citrus-like acidity, and delicate juicy finishes. Grüß Gott is sweet and balanced with rich chocolate and brown sugar; in front of hints of berry and peach, leading to a creamy smooth finish.  Meena Beana is a full bodied cup, packed with dark chocolate, brown spice, and surprising note of tobacco and stone fruits. 

Each Blend comes in a 4 oz container. 


Model Citizen Coffee is sold as whole bean. Need your coffee ground? Just let us know in the special instructions section of your order and we will grind it for you.