Colombia - Villamaria, Caldas (12 oz bag)

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With micro-lots, coffee experts, and specialized climate, Colombia cultivates America's beverage of choice. In this bag we are taking you to the source of what Colombia has to offer. Resided coffee expert and alchemist, Juan Felipe Aristizabal oversees the processing of the Villamaria micro-lot at his wet mill, which is where this coffee is sourced. 

The coffee grows between three snow covered volcanoes at approximately 6,500 feet. The result produces an amazing cup with loads of complexity. We've taken great care to roast this coffee so you can experience the wonder of the Colombian Andes in a cup. 

Producer: Juan Felipe Aristizabal
Varietals: Caturra, Colombia, Castillo
Process: Natural 24hr Fermentation
Notes: Strawberry, Bananas, Carmel